Antonio López in Gaudí’s building “La Pedrera”, Barcelona.

Visit to the exhibition of Antonio López at the Sala de la Pedrera, Barcelona.

It is very appreciated to be able to enjoy a retrospective exhibition of an artist who is usually only known in a fragmentary way.
Much has already been written about this master of Spanish Realism, but I would like to comment that it has been very worthwhile to see Antonio López’s artworks live. Personally, it gave me a very special kind of vibration to see the painter’s “kitchen”, the making and unmaking of a great artist.

It is evident that it takes a long time to paint these works, so much, so that time becomes the “protagonist”.
Time, converted into silence, permeates the work. The past is incorporated into the present, and the present, always changing, seems to be something we cannot fully grasp…

The video offered at the end of the visit is very interesting, the artist’s conversation with Artur Ramon helps us to understand his artworks, in my opinion and without a doubt, I would have put the video at the beginning.

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