Fernando ADAM

Caracas, 1955

Fernando Adam complemented his artistic studies with professional practices in carpentry and industrial design to be later integrated in the early stages of his work. In his recent work Adam goes further in the investigation of these constructive and poetic qualities. The surface of the canvas is broken into fragments to create a sense of something between two and three dimensions. The painting as an object becomes then a frame to rearm the scattered pieces together. Fernando’s works are exhibited in prominent galleries in the United States, Italy, Spain and France. He lives and works in Barcelona since 1998.

You can consult his artistic biography here.


11 4/5 x 11 4/5 inches

30 x 30 cm


15 7/10 x 11 4/5 inches

40 x 30 cm


51 1/5 x 51 1/5 inches

130x130 cm


Graphic works