Beuda (Girona), 1969

He studied at the Llotja School of Design and Art and EINA Center Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona. Throughout his career he has worked in different disciplines: painting, sculpture, photography, installation.

Gironell is an artist with a wide and renowned career who has his own style, inspired by pop, advertising iconography, cinematic imagery, urban culture, Japanese aesthetics, popular narratives, etc. The result is a work of happy and bright appearance, a colorful and luxurious universe with a much more ironic, sinister and critical background than it may seem at first glance. Together we could talk about a visual archive of contemporary society with its consumerist tics, its continuous promises, its clichés of perfection and well-being. All these seductive and artifitial images hide, however, the double moral that allows us to read innocence, beauty and perfection as a promise of something carnal and obscure.



27,5 x 25,1 inches

70 x 64 cm


15,7 x 15,7 inches

40 x 40 cm



39,3 x 39,3 inches

100 x 100 cm


Graphic works