Paco Ferrando

Alicante, 1946

Living in Barcelona since 1947. Paco Ferrando has lived near the sea since he was young, he currently has his studio and his house facing the Mediterranean sea, and his work is clearly influenced by this fact. After finishing the studies of Fine Arts, he traveled to the Netherlands to study flemish and dutch painting, from then on began his career as a painter. We wonder how he manages to capture the light when it filters in the sea, how he can make us transfer to the nearest beach in order to see the movement of the waves with his brushstrokes. It seems we can hear the waves’s murmur, feel the smell of salt and the fresh and briny air. To imagine, to dream… because in contemporary realism you can also imagine.

You can consult his artistic biography here.


31 9/10 × 51 1/5 inches

89 x 130 cm


44,8 x 57,4 inches

114 x 146 cm


Graphic works