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Girona, 1972.   Sergi Cadenas is one of the world’s leading optical art artists. He has works in the Swiss museum Porrentruy Optical Art (POPA), where the main figures of optical art exhibit. His work has acquired great international projection and his paintings are part of private collections around the world. Sergi Cadenas, self-taught, is an artist in constant evolution who is passionate about spending hours and hours in his studio accompanied by his brushes. The desire to experiment and discover new ways of creating has led him to paint three-dimensional oil paintings in which, depending on which angle you look at them, the image represented changes. Cadenas is currently focused on large-format portraits and takes as models both celebrity faces and persons close to him.

Beyond an exceptional technique* that is difficult to execute and requires great precision and beyond the optical effect, Sergi Cadenas’ work impresses with its strong discourse. To capture through painting: the passing of the years, the idea of death, intelligence opposed to physical beauty, equality of races or opposite feelings, is a great exercise in observation and analysis.

The results are so brilliant and extraordinary that they leave no one indifferent.

* It is the artist himself who places the thin vertical lines made with painting paste on the canvases and, once the paste is dry, he paints two different portraits on each of the two sides of the almost two hundred lines that form each one of his paintings.


Videos of the artist’s works:

Beauty versus Intelligence (Marilyb/Einstein)

Blue eyes

Stanislavski Method

Descarada (Cheeky)



The other side of the mirror 







Dog/man painted

You can click here to watch the artist painting in his studio.

If you want to take a look at his artistic biography, click here.

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