Girona, 1972

Sergi Cadenas is a self-taught artist who has been professionally engaged in painting since the age of 30. Initially, their most habitual subject was the urban landscapes of his hometown, Girona. He participated in several speed painting contests that he used to win easily. His first exhibition was performed at Punt d’Art gallery, currently closed. He has artworks exhibited at the POPA Museum (specialized in Optical Art) in Switzerland.

Sergi Cadenas is a very creative person and at the same time a quiet endearing man with a very realistic concept of life, he does not believe in inspiration, only in ideas and dedication. His world is his family and his work in his studio where he spends hours and hours with the only company of his dog. Currently he is focused in portraits of large format realized with this difficult execution technique, he works with occasional models, people close to him. The results are so brilliant and spectacular that cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Video “Dualitats” and video of the exhibition
Video “Gos/home pintat”
Video “Negre/Blanca”
Video “Noia/Àvia”
Video “Marilyn/Einstein”
Video “Aging”
Video “Feelings”
Video “Maria 1943-2023”

You can consult his artistic biography here.


Graphic works