From 15/09/2022
to 15/10/2022

collective exhibition

Collective “30 YEARS of Gallery”

This year the Jordi Barnadas Art Gallery turns 30 years, and we are celebrating it with a collective exhibition that includes many “house” artists.


From 07/07/2022
to 08/09/2022

Group exhibition

Summer group exhibition 2022

Group painting and sculpture exhibition where you will find recent works by artists who are regulars of the gallery. A proposal with refreshing and colorful paintings of different subjects and sizes, on the one hand, and small format bronzes on the other.
From 26/05/2022
to 22/06/2022

Leo Wellmar

Vacua et Plena

Leo Wellmar, an artista born in Sweden in 1965, but living in Catalonia since she was 19 years old, presents her new solo show at the Jordi Barnadas art Gallery.
From 23/04/2022
to 21/05/2022

Didier Lourenço

“Just like home”

The Jordi Barnadas Gallery presents Didier Lourenço’s new exhibition, because, as he says, he feels “just like home” here.
From 10/03/2022
to 09/04/2022

Alejandra Caballero

“Conte de primavera”

Alejandra Caballero, an artist established in Barcelona almost twenty years ago, presents her new solo exhibition at the Jordi Barnadas Art Gallery in Barcelona.
From 10/02/2022
to 05/03/2022

Gabriel Schmitz


Gabriel Schmitz, artist based in Barcelona since 1995, presents a new solo show at the Jordi Barnadas Art Gallery in Barcelona.
From 14/01/2022
to 05/02/2022

Exceptional Pieces

group show

Exhibition dedicated to some of the most excepcional pieces by some of the artists who collaborate with the gallery.