Maise Corral

Between Memory and Dream

From 09/03/2023 to 16/04/2023

Maise Corral is surely one of the latest and most interesting “discoveries” of the Jordi Barnadas Art Gallery.

Maise, who has mainly dedicated herself to teaching, has been painting since an early age, but it has not been until the last 10 years when her painting has hatched, especially since her first solo exhibition at Barnadas Art Gallery in 2017 and the success in European art fairs is giving her a well-deserved international projection.

In “Between memory and dream”, the painter presents herself to us artistically mature, although it is anticipated that her career will continue to evolve.

Dark interiors, brightly colored exteriors, different atmospheres influenced by the paintings of Hopper, Hammershøi and Hokney, where we find female figures that seem to enjoy solitude. Longed-for moments and imagined places, halfway between childhood memories and her dreams.

You can watch the video of the exhibition recorded by Climent Vilella here.

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