cuadro umbrella de cristina blanch para su exposición individual en la galeria jordi barnadas
Cristina Blanch

Con faldas y a lo loco

From 25/05/2023 to 23/06/2023

Cristina Blanch has been exhibiting her work at the Jordi Barnadas Gallery in Barcelona since 2002, when she had her first solo exhibition.

“Con faldas y a lo loco”, the exhibition that will be held at the Barnadas Gallery during these weeks, is a collection of recent works with endearing themes and full of vitality that will take us back to moments of the second half of the last century. The public will be eager to go through it in its entirety, looking at the details of each piece.

Cristina Blanch has always mastered drawing, which is the basis of a good realist artist, emphasizing mainly in the human figure. Currently Cristina is in a creative phase of growth, with a lot of enthusiasm and a strong flow of ideas, she presents herself as a mature and talented artist, as well as fresh in her forms and concepts. We observe that her work has evolved, especially in terms of fluidity.

In her works, oil on canvas or wood, the color appears subtly and with refined precision, offering us a very specific and concrete chromatic range that defines the artist, an artist who, in search of new and rich adventures, does not close the pictorial discourse.

Cristina Blanch, without the need for conceptual rhetoric, plays between impressionism and realism; because what is reality if not what you create or imagine?

You can watch the video of the exhibition here, by Climent Vilella.

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