Alejandra Caballero

“Conte de primavera”

From 10/03/2022 to 09/04/2022

Alejandra Caballero, graduated in Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, moved to Barcelona in 2003 and has been exhibiting at the Jordi Barnadas Gallery ever since.

Her solo show “Conte de primavera” shows us the artist in full maturity. Alejandra Caballero’s silent and serene work could be classified as realistic and poetic-narrative.

The influences of Hopper, Hammershøi and Vermeer are clear, but their solitary figures, almost always female, reflect their own small daily life and there is no sense of loneliness or sadness is perceived, but a desire for intimacy.

Seascapes and interiors without many details are often present and it is the light that bathes the rooms, reating a feeling where time seems to pass slowly. In the meanwhile, as spectators, emotion invades us.

Here you will find the exhibition video, filmed by Climent Vilella.

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