Didier Lourenço

“Just like home”

From 23/04/2022 to 21/05/2022

The Jordi Barnadas Gallery presents, this spring, the new exhibition of a home artist: Didier Lourenço.

Lourenço has been known worldwide for years now, even so he has never stopped presenting his work on the Jordi Barnadas Gallery in Barcelona since his first exhibition in 1994, because, as he says, he feels “just like home” here.

His story as a self-taught artist starts in a young age, in his father’s lithographic workshop, where a lot of Catalan artists went to produce their graphic works. From what he saw and listened, Didier drew, painted, and learned.

His evolution as an artist is obvious, even so his personal style is unmistakable. Some themes are recurrent in his artworks: unknown walkers and riders, relaxed women on sofas, alone or accompanied by their pets, and rooms filled with bouquets of flowers. We also see walls covered in colourful wallpapers that match the women’s dresses, and sometimes there’s an elephant hidden. We can even find suggestive dreamers surrounded by pillows, flowers, and sweets of different colours.

His pot-Matisienne aesthetic, where the colours are brighter than ever, gives away joy and happiness. And that’s because, in this new exhibition Didier Lourenço wants to claim the “joie de vivre.

Here you will find the exhibition video, filmed by Climent Vilella.

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