Alessandro Tofanelli

Tra acqua e cielo

From 14/09/2023 to 14/10/2023

To inaugurate the 2023-24 season, we have presented the solo exhibition “Tra acqua e cielo” of the Italian artist Alessandro Tofanelli, a regular at the gallery since 2012.

Tofanelli’s creativity goes beyond painting, as he has always combined it with his work as a professional photographer, documentarian and filmmaker.

Tofanelli is inspired by the landscapes of the natural parks of Tuscany, where he lives isolated from the hustle and bustle of urban centers. He paints idealized and poetic places that convey peace and serenity. Lonely houses and fantastic trees surrounded by lakes. His work is not exempt from irony and a certain social criticism can be glimpsed. Alessandro Tofanelli defends beauty in order to achieve a better world, a utopia surrounded by peace. Landscapes drenched in the brilliant blue of sky and water, where people do not appear, but are somehow present. And this is Tofanelli’s intention: to paint what is not visible, such as moods, feelings or ideas. In the face of noise, globalization and uniformity, the artist wants to return to an attitude of reflection, a contemplative attitude, where the soul, like an imaginary island in the middle of a lake, can enjoy the essential, the everyday and the small things.

Tofanelli calls for simplicity and silence.

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