Leo Wellmar

Vacua et Plena

From 26/05/2022 to 22/06/2022

Leo Wellmar, born in Sweden in 1965, but living in Catalonia since she was 19 years old, presents her new solo exhibition at the Jordi Barnadas art Gallery.
The Latin title refers to the artist’s search for a balance between emptiness and fullness. Harmony is of great importance to Leo Wellmar and the basis of her creative spirit.
In the cold winters of Östergötland, the south region of Stockholm, a great artist was developing. The idyllic landscapes that surrounded her, inspired her paintings. Her pieces go beyond mere landscape, they are a metaphysical search for peace and calm, they are a philosophy of life and a reflection of her soul. Are interior and emotional landscapes.

In this noisy world, deranged by the transience of images or the demand for immediacy, Leo Wellmar offers us calm and infinity.

You can watch a video of the exhibition made by Climent Vilella here.

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