The man that knew how to look at the world
Manuel Castro

From March 11th to April 9th , 2021

This solo show of Manuel Castro, who recently passed away, is made in a heartfelt tribute to one of the first artists who collaborated with our gallery.

Manuel Castro has been present uninterruptedly in the almost 30 years of the Barnadas Art Gallery’s life, beginning with an exhibition of engravings in 1993, followed by multiple solo and group exhibitions, as well as successful participations in international art fairs such as Miart (Milan, Italy) or Start (Strasbourg, France).
Manuel Castro, industrial designer and artist, was a cultured man, an observer and a deep connoisseur of Art history, in the words of Jordi Barnadas: a wise man, critic with the world.
The main character of his paintings, the man wearing the hat, is an alter ego of himself, surrounded by books and always ready to begin a journey.
With a nostalgic and dreamy look, Castro, through his work, tells us that it’s important looking at reality with criteria, from a certain prism, where the beauty, whether of a landscape, a tapestry, or a library… will endure in time.

Castro always put his freedom before artistic trends or fashions, painting only for the pleasure of painting and for what inspired him. Success never obsessed the artist, he always thought that it could take him away from a certain ‘happiness’ and the small values of a very active artistic, but at the same time peaceful, soul.
Already in the 60s his language was figurative, moving away from the prevailing abstract expressionism.
Castro reincarnates the model of the free-spirited artist, not because of the rebellious shout of a more or less groundbreaking work, but to follow his own rhythm with courage and talent and, without influences, create his consistent legacy.

Here you can find the video of the exhibition filmed by Climent Vilella.

Click here to consult the catalogue.


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