Menorca up close

From September 17th to October 10th , 2020

We have opened the season with the work of the artist Maria Perelló who presents a wide range of paintings dedicated to Menorca. The landscapes she shows transport us to that feeling of calm, serenity and silence so typical of the island. The turquoise of the water and the warm and cosy light of the sun become the undeniable protagonists.

You can check the catalogue by clicking here.

Watch the exhibition’s video, filmed by Climent Vilella, clicking here.

Here you can find the artist talking about her work.


It’s almost an obviousness. Menorca catches the discreet visitor who walks it without wanting to spend it. How can you spend a territory that is not yours? In a thousand ways and mass tourism knows them all. But when the visitor stays in the background, he does not shout and does not rise above the trees or the rocks, that is when the island appreciates it and shows itself as it is, naked, with immodest beauty. The selfie is unnecessary when we observe and trust that the light of the time that passes will rotate the perspective and alter the basic colors. There are people, not many, who know how to do it. Contemplate and let the landscapes speak to you. People who, in silence, know how to sit on top of a dry stone wall and stare at the countryside that surrounds them. People who look at the omnipresent sea with the respect of those who do not know it, nor do they know the impact that the sea has on a small island. It is with this almost mystical look that voices can be heard. They reach the ear. They are the voices of the men and women who worked the land or had to abandon it in times of hardship. They are the voices of those who emigrated out to sea driven by hunger or of those who find their means of subsistence in the sea. And what does the visitor who hears voices of ghosts from the past do? Do you run away in terror or close your eyes to hear better? In Menorca the ghosts of the past are friendly and invite you to sit at the table. That is why the island captures the visitor, because he has been invited to a simple meal that gives him peace and allows him to reconcile with himself. The treat, between bites, gives you time to think. The good company of silence between glass and glass quenches your thirst and makes you smile when you haven’t smiled for a long time. It doesn’t seem difficult, but it is. Maria Perelló‘s paintings are a proof. Talking to friendly ghosts and their natural surroundings is not for everyone. The catalan artist, recalling a journey of youth and looking back at the island from maturity, has recorded the voices of the island through a chain of moments that question us.

Those of us who live on the island are questioned by our gaze. We live in it, but do we know how to look at it?

Those who occasionally visit her are asked about their luggage. What do you have in your suitcase when you return home?

Jordi Vila i Armangué


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