“Moves” by Gabriel Schmitz

Gabriel Schmitz has never danced, but from a young age dance has captivated him -by attending to ballet shows in Dortmund with his mother- and has also influenced his artistic career. In fact, his current solo show “Moves“, the twelfth presented by the Jordi Barnadas Art Gallery, is dedicated to the contemporary dance.

The canvas defines the space for the brush to move in, as well as the stage marks the space where the dancers perform, in the same way, rhythm and balance are essential in a choreography and in a painting.

For Schmitz, painting or drawing a ballerina is a creative stimulus and a challenge with which to try to show us instants and feelings in essence. Gabriel is always more interested in capturing the soul and emotions of his characters than in giving them an anatomically correct shape. The artist, who has been influenced by German expressionism, clearly exaggerates hands and feet, emphasizing gesture and movement.

Gabriel Schmitz is currently a well-known artist, and his works are present in important art collections around the world.

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