Wild is the wind de alejandra caballero

Madrid, 1974

Alejandra Caballero’s painting is intimate and belongs to the pictorial movement of poetic figuration. While the imprint of Hopper is perceived, Caballero’s work is not the result of human loneliness or sadness, but of the search for intimacy and recollection. The figures of Alexandra, usually women, are abstracted in daily tasks, contemplative, rested, meditative or dreamy attitudes… and seem to enjoy a sought-after solitude. The atmosphere created in her compositions exudes silence. We observe an exquisite treatment of light, which, said by the artist herself, represents life. The paintress, born in Madrid, is established in Barcelona almost twenty years ago, has been exhibiting at the Jordi Barnadas Gallery since 2003.

You can consult her artistic biography here.


28 7/10 × 28 7/10 inches

73 x 73 cm


35 2/5 x 35 2/5 inches

90 x 90 cm


31 1/2 x 31 1/2 inches

80 x 80 cm


Graphic works