Premiá de Mar (Barcelona), 1968

He’s a self-taught artist. He exhibited his first main solo collection with us in 1994, we have seen him grow up as an artist and internationalize his work, and we are proud to present him as our bestselling artist. He is a hard worker and inspiration always founds him with brushes in hand, his creative work is easily recognizable, but it’s still in continuous evolution, and his artistic career grows day by day.

You can consult his artistic biography here.

And here you can see how Didier Lourenço explains us the process of creating a lithograph.


39,3 x 39,3 inches

100 x 100 cm


31,8 x 25,5 inches

81 x 65 cm


21 7/10 × 21 7/10 inches

55 x 55 cm


16 1/10 × 13 inches

41 x 33 cm


Graphic works