Premiá de Mar (Barcelona), 1968 - julio 2023

Didier Lourenço, was born in 1968 in the province of Barcelona. A self-taught artist, passionate about his work, inspiration always found him with brushes in hand. His work, in constant evolution, has nevertheless maintained an unmistakable style. Since 1994 he has been exhibiting at the Jordi Barnadas gallery, with individual exhibitions every two years and participating in group shows. Many years ago his artistic career began to have great success internationally, thanks to his universal language and, surely, to the optimism and positivity that his pieces transmit. In addition to Europe, he also reaped great popularity in the United States and Asia.

You can consult his artistic biography here.

And here you can see how Didier Lourenço explains us the process of creating a lithograph.


Graphic works