Cadenas, one of the most listed Catalan artists, newspaper “Ara”

Atoni Ribas Dur, from the newspaper Ara, talks about the most listed Catalan artists in the art market today, and among them includes Sergi Cadenas.

You can read the article here (full article only available in Catalan and under subscription).

From 2 million euros for a Miró to 17,000 euros for a ‘peformance’: the 15 most listed Catalan artists on the market today.

Coinciding with the next edition of Arco, we review the prices of works on sale, from Joan Miró to Marria Pratts.

 The price of this listed artist from Girona took a leap in 2019. The Jordi Barnadas Gallery says that right now they don’t have any of his works for sale, because Sergi Cadenas (Girona, 1972) dedicates many hours to his three-dimensional paintings and at the same time he is highly coveted all over the world. He has works in the Swiss museum specialized in optical art: POPA.

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